I have been on the quest for “the answer” to my health challenge since the onset of symptoms in early 2005.

The past 5 1/2 years have been devoted to reading, investigating, talking, exploring, deep introspection, and more reading. Add to that a plethora of visits with natural “healers.”

The amount of information I have accumulated over the past five years is fairly impressive. For a while I kept telling myself, ‘You really need to do something with all of this,’ and taking every opportunity to interject my “informed” opinion when a friend or co-worker or family member identified what ailed them.

For a while, when I passed on the “wisdom” I had gained I was surprised that the individual I shared it with neglected to applaud, or gush, or thank this savior for showing them the light. ‘Why don’t they see it my way (a.k.a. the right way)?!

The Universe, as it seems, appreciates irony. A taste of my¬† own medicine came recently via a friend’s sister who, upon “seeing the light” of alternative medicine decided to share her “answers” with me via Facebook.

Via Facebook. (Sorry. The venue is still hard to absorb.)

This uninvited advice was pertinent. The more I tossed it around and considered my annoyance, the more I realized this was one more lesson on the journey.

The conclusion I drew was this: Healing is an indivdual thing, as unique as you and me. A good chunk of it is also, I believe, emotional. Herbs, acupuncture, homeopathy, meditation, prayer, herbs, diet, detox – all of it has its place. However, if the source of illness is stress from an unhealed past, none of it can heal you until you’ve healed your past. And figuring out when the old wounds have healed can’t be determined by anyone but you.

It’s a solitary journey, but that’s okay. Soak in as much as you can. Keep reading, talking, praying, discovering, uncovering and sharing.

Just bite your tongue when you find yourself saying, “I have the answer for you!” Instead, listen. There just may be one more lesson for you to learn in the silence.