I have spent the last month immersing myself in all-things-celiac to understand as much as I can about the condition. Someone said to me early on that there’s a six-month learning curve after diagnosis. At this point I can certainly attest to that statement. Gluten, it would seem, is everywhere.

In a few days I’ll also have my children’s blood tested. I’d like to have the genetic test done but will have to talk more with the pediatrician about this notion. I pray my kids don’t have it but am prepared to do what we need to should a positive result arise. Giving up wheat is an easy solution when one considers what’s involved with the treatment of so many other health conditions.

I’m also relieved that we have a pediatrician open to discussing the subject. I’ve heard so many horror stories from others regarding their docs not listening or just being plain ignorant about the condition. One woman told me that when she complained of symptoms and asked to be tested for celiac (after having searched for info online) her doctor told her she absolutely did not have the condition and then prescribed antidepressants. Nice.

Stories I wrote for the Syracuse Post-Standard came out today (www.syracuse.com – search for “celiac”). It’s interesting that I pitched the idea for the stories prior to learning I had the condition. Now I want to broadcast the details to all who will listen. Guess that’s the way it is with any “newbie.” 🙂

I’ve noticed that I tend to keep to myself about celiac when around extended family. After initially sharing the news and suggesting family members get tested because of the genetic link, it’s clear they don’t want to hear about it.  C’est la vie.  If I could make them take care of themselves and be proactive, I would. However, we’re all adults and we each make our own choices and all I can do is live my best and be a positive example.

Finally, about my eyes, I did get good news at my last retinal doc visit. There was improvement following three days of solumedrol infusions and a re-start on zenapax. They’re trying it at a lower dose this time (50 mg) to see if I’ll tolerate it better.

Here’s to second chances. 🙂