As results would indicate, I have tested positive for celiac. Now, does this mean birdsht caused this or vice versa? As I look back on my history, I suspect celiac was the culprit all along and was what triggered the birdshot. The naturopath I’m working with seems to agree.

A very disheartening experience with my primary care doc, however, left me feeling at first frustrated, then enormously angry. When I said this whole process was certainly an education, his response to me was, “Well, you’re the one that wanted me to test you for this.” And that means what exactly? That if I chose to be in denial about it it wouldn’t be a problem? Nice line of thinking that.

It should come as no surprise that he wasn’t interested in hearing about the naturopath or about all the information I had gained about celiac. And after connecting with many, many people who have celiac, the song is the same. In light of this, I am completely mystified. Why wouldn’t a physician want to work with a patient, as opposed to dictating to a patient like a parent to a child?

It is very clear to me that my body is very sensitive to gluten. After taking it out of my diet then trying it again, there is no denying the very obvious symptoms such as mouth sores or severe joint pain. And then there’s the increase of eye flashing and floaters.

So from here on out, I’ll eliminate all things-gluten from my diet and focus on, hopefully, getting healthy again.

There are, certainly, no dull moments.