I met a woman recently…actually the timing of the connection was unbelievable but more on that later…who has birdshot, like myself. One of her docs suggested she get tested for Celiac Disease even though she wasn’t experiencing symptoms (well, other than liver enzyme issues, possibly pharmaceutically induced). She thought it was a strange idea and wasn’t expecting anything. To her great surprise, the test returned positive.

In conversation, this woman suggested that perhaps there is a connection between BSRC and gluten intolerance. I wonder. The test is on my list for my next blood test.

So, this got me thinking of the power of food, how it can make our bodies ill, heal them and keep them in balance. Maybe I’m a slow learner but it took me 40 years to get this notion, that what we ingest has a big impact on our overall wellness or sickness.

In light of this, I’ve been following an elimination diet as prescribed by a naturopathic doctor (Jennifer Orlowski, www.cnynaturopathiccare.com) for a few months now. The focus is on getting clean via the diet, which requires abstinence from sugar, wheat, dairy, eggs, citrus, coffee, alcohol. Just lots of veggies and fruits and whole non-wheat grains. I’ve been following it since Jan. 1 (toyed with it during the month of December) and all I’ll say is that it’s very challenging. I’m down something like 20 pounds from my highest point (thanks to a steroid-inspired eating frenzy…why some people take any version of that drug recreationally is just beyond me). However, yesterday I ate a bagel. And it tasted SO good. I wonder now if I’ll have to go back to square one. Oy.

In the meantime, I’m maintaining my focus on living and being well and kicking this eye thing into complete remission.

Wish me luck, friends.