I remember years ago watching a news special about traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). In the story two women had recently been diagnosed with similar forms and stages of breast cancer and were filmed visiting a TCM practitioner. One took the advice literally and followed the guidelines, which included eliminating alcohol, coffee and dairy and altering diet in other ways. The other woman followed the advice sometimes, allowing herself to have a glass of red wine and cup of coffee when she desired. In the end, the woman who was stringent was okay and did not need further treatment, while the other had to undergo surgery and chemotherapy.

For some reason this show stuck in my mind and I am grateful because it inspires me to follow another path. This is especially important because I am beyond tired of taking medicines and sticking myself with needles. I’ve been recalling rules provided by a holistic nutritionist I visited with earlier this year – no sugar, no white flour, no alcohol, no dairy and limit the caffeine. And don’t forget – lots and lots of fresh veggies, especially greens. Sound familiar? It has taken me a long time to view food as a means of healing as opposed to just filling the tank, so to speak. That a green leafy salad or a bowl of asparagus could improve the health of my blood circulation, for example, is remarkable and I don’t know why it’s taking me so long to make a complete transition. Change is hard, yes, but come on already. We – especially women – are so busy starving ourselves or eating in so many whacked out ways just to fit some warped societal fantasy of beauty that we completely skip over health. How did that even happen?!

I’ve been reading a great book called The Hip Chick’s Guide to Macrobiotics that presents the subject matter in an easy-going, relatable, yet informative manner. I like the notion of food as energy and, therefore, whatever food we ingest we also ingest its energy. Cool. If you eat sludgy crapola that’s exactly how you’ll feel. The author provides recipes and suggestions on how to make the journey and I’m soaking it in.

I also recently began seeing an acupuncturist/TCM practitioner and am fascinated by what I’m experiencing. Laying on a table with small needles sticking out of you as soft music plays in the background is quite an interesting occurrence. Though I’m visiting this woman for help with my vision, the treatment she gave me last Friday knocked out hip pain I had been having. The difference made a complete believer out of this cynic.

With regard to the vision and study, I’m holding steady. Per the latest test results and the doc’s recommendations, I’m now off all meds except one. I’ve had some floaters reappear but even after an ERG test (the test that shows the big picture on what’s up with the condition) it seems that things are okey-doke. Bottom line is that I’m hearing good news and I’ll take it, thank you very much.

And that is what’s up with me in the here and now, friends. I’ll check in soon.

Until then…